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Community Education Centre High School


CEC High School is located at Grace Colony, Kuda C village, Dimapur.

Over the course of its journey Community Education Centre School is thriving with successful and efficacious years and 2017 academic session was no exception. Community Education Centre School (CECS) has made a gradual and progressive effort in its commitment to impart quality education to the underprivileged children. The school students continue to keep the reputation of the school intact with 100% pass percentage in the NBSE matriculation exam. In 2017 eight students appeared the exam and all of them passed in 1st Division.

All this has been possible because of the students’ hard work and sincerity in their studies as well as the efforts of the teachers in helping them grasp their lessons. The teachers indeed took out their time and energy whilst preparing the students for the exams through extra classes and special coaching during the winter break. The teachers ensured special focuses on the slow learners and this has allowed them to be at par with the rest of the classmates. The school currently has 567 children in the school and it is envisaged that the current enrollment will increase in the coming years.

It is significant to mention that midday meal is served to these children yearlong which eliminates hunger in the school. It has yielded positive impact both nutritionally and academically, nutritionally it rejuvenates their body from hunger since most of them come without proper meal and academically it enables them to be more calm and focused in their classroom activities.

The school since its inception is inspired in teaching the students that edifies their mind and character. At CEC School we consider our education system as a process of facilitating learning and in actualizing this, each and every student is ensured to partake in the acquisition of knowledge and skills based on values, beliefs and character building. The pedagogy should have a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels or acts and this frequently takes place under the guidance of our well trained and equipped educators while encouraging and assisting the learners to educate themselves beyond the blackboard. The school gives utmost emphasis on the overall development of the children and that focus is deliberated on their cognitive, psychomotor and emotions. The children are not treated as a subject but their whole individuality undiluted is given full attention to by each teachers. This allows the children to express themselves in profound honesty and that gives the teachers the mirror of each individual student’s ingenuity which enables the teachers to focus on the students respectively based on that. The school continuous to move forward in that direction where children are the focal point and that their originality is watered to bloom into potentials while keeping an equilibrium between achieving the required grades and allowing them to explore their talents and interest.


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