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We Teach


WE TEACH is a new undertaking for training and handholding of school personals/faculties under the initiatives of Community Educational Centre Society. WE TEACH is a teachers training programme that design, develop and deliver programmes ensuring quality in teaching skill which in turn allow teachers to be effective in deliverables as per the school’s requirements and making students more involved in learning. WE TEACH follows four simple strategy which is ‘Transformed, equipped, skilled and perform’.

It plays the vital role as a quality enhancement partner with a view to contribute to the overall target of skilling/up-skilling teachers in order to enhance the competency level of the faculty and the students for transformative education yield. Currently WE TEACH has signed MOU with two schools.

WE TEACH provide the available amenities suitable and ready for delivering the training courses and other activities in conjunction providing a workable space/room for the staff of the partner schools to facilitate training & related activities for successful outcome of the joint activities. And along with that WE TEACH carry out the Assessment of Progress (AOP) of the faculty under the programme.

The Assessment of Progress (AOP) of the faculties trained under the WE TEACH teachers training programme are carried by visiting the partner schools. The AOP is carried out to evaluate the performance of the teachers under the programme and to give assessment feedbacks for further improvement in their teaching skills. The assessment is conducted through the process of consultation with the school board members, institution heads and through classroom observation, students’ performance and participations in classroom activities. The assessment results are handed to the authorized head of the partner schools for any further actions necessary.


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